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Animals in Household.

  1. The actions of animals are often unpredictable
  2. Animals should be closely supervised when they are with children
  3. An animal's behavior may change after it leaves the shelter and accustoms itself to a home or other environment
  4. MASA makes no claims or representations as to the temperament, health, or mental disposition of any animal put up for foster/adoption
  5. The dog/cat in my care legally belongs to MASA & that I must return the dog/cat to them if for any reason I can no longer foster the dog/cat. This includes puppies or kittens that were born before or after entering into the foster home
  6. I will provide the needed care (food, water, affection) to the dog. If needed, MASA will supply the food
  7. If the dog/cat needs medical attention, becomes lost, or if there is an issue, I will notify a MASA representative immediately
  8. Any dog/cat that comes directly from the shelter should be quarantined away from your personal animals for 14 days. MASA is not responsible for sickness transmitted to personal animals if not quarantined
  9. I will give MASA at least two weeks' notice when I plan to go out of town to allow MASA to find a temporary foster.

I have read, understood and agree to the terms and disclosures listed in this Foster Application/Contract.

If you have any further questions regarding fostering please call one of the following MASA Representatives and we will answer any questions:

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